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Wake Up Crew
Chaka Khan
Chaka Khan
What Cha' Gonna Do for Me

Original Release Date:  1981

Track Listing
  • 1. We Can Work It Out
  • 2. What Cha' Gonna Do for Me
  • 3. I Know You, I Live You
  • 4. Any Old Sunday
  • 5. We Got Each Other
  • 6. And the Melody Still Lingers On (Night in Tunisia)
  • 7. Night Moods
  • 8. Heed the Warning
  • 9. Father He Said
  • 10. Fate
  • 11. I Know You, I Live You (Reprise)
  • Michael Brecker: Reeds, Saxophone, Sax (Tenor), Brass, Soloist
  • Hiram Bullock: Guitar, Soloist
  • Ronnie Foster: Keyboards, Piano (Electric)
  • Dizzy Gillespie: Trumpet
  • Herbie Hancock: Keyboards, Bells, Oberheim, Soloist, Breakdown, Clavitar
  • Lew Soloff: Reeds, Trumpet, Brass
  • David Foster: Synthesizer, Mini Moog, Prophet 5
  • Michael Sembello: Guitar
  • Ned Doheny: Composer
  • Errol Crusher Bennett: Percussion
  • Randy Brecker: Reeds, Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Brass
  • Dominic Bugatti: Composer
  • Chaka Khan: Percussion, Vocals, Vocals (Background)
  • Bob Christianson: Synthesizer
  • Paulinho Da Costa: Percussion
  • Frank DeCaro: Production Coordination
  • Steve Ferrone: Drums
  • Gary Grant: Reeds, Trumpet, Brass, Overdubs
  • Lewis Hahn: Engineer, Mixing
  • Jerry Hey: Trumpet
  • Kim Hutchcroft: Reeds, Saxophone, Brass, Overdubs
  • Anthony Jackson: Bass
  • Abraham Laboriel, Sr.: Bass
  • David Leonard: Assistant Engineer
  • Arif Mardin: Strings, Arranger, Producer, Liner Notes, String Arrangements
  • George Marino: Mastering, Mastering Engineer
  • Frank Musker: Composer
  • Michael O'Reilly: Assistant Engineer
  • Gene Orloff: Concert Master
  • Greg Phillinganes: Keyboards, Rhythm Arrangements, Mini Moog
  • Raymond Lee Pounds: Drums
  • Barry Rodgers: Reeds, Brass
  • Barry Rogers: Trombone
  • Casey Schelierell: Drums
  • Jeremy Smith: Engineer
  • Hamish Stuart: Bass, Guitar, Composer, Vocals
  • Richard Tee: Keyboards, Clavinet
  • Bobby Warner: Assistant Engineer
  • David Williams: Guitar
  • Mark Stevens: Bass, Vocals
  • David Williams: Guitar
  • Lew Del Gatto: Reeds, Saxophone, Brass
  • Gary Panter: Photo Illustration
  • William Frank "Bill" Reichenbach Jr.: Reeds, Trombone, Brass, Overdubs
  • David Richards: Synthesizer, Assistant Engineer
  • Richard Seireeni: Art Direction
  • David E. Williams: Guitar
  • Tim Wild: Illustrations
  • Chrissy Allerdings: Production Coordination
  • Larry Hall: Reeds, Trumpet, Overdubs
  • Larry Williams: Synthesizer, Flute, Reeds, Keyboards, Saxophone, Overdubs, Horn Arrangements
  • Larry E. Williams: Synthesizer, Flute, Reeds, Keyboards, Saxophone, Brass, Horn Arrangements
  • Wayne Lewis: Assistant Engineer
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